May Fair 2021

The return of May Fair

It was brilliant to see team Scotland make the 708-mile round trip to the May Fair Sale on the 5th of May 2021 in Exeter.

This year’s sales had Covid restrictions, but this did not dampen the spirits of anyone. After months of lockdown and familiar conversations with our households or bubbles, it was great to test our social skills, catch up with old friends, and discuss the quality of stock at May Fair.

Sale day

Flocks from Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales sent their best rams and ewes to compete at the U.K.’s premier sales. The quality of livestock did not disappoint. The combinations of ringside and online bids created more excitement and drama than a Shakespearian play, making top prices for many breeders.  

Record-breaking prices for team Scotland! 

The first Scottish breeder in the ring was James Royan from the Bennachie Flock. Once again, the infamous lucky stick worked its magic. James broke a personal best and the Scottish Dorset record with Bennachie Dalwhinnie, hitting 2500gns and an average of 1600gns coming fourth in the overall sale.

Alistair Morton of the Stobilee flock, proved people were willing to wait for one of Scotland’s finest flocks. Stobilee Dambuster topped the pen at 1050 gns helping an average of £805.

Stobilee Dambuster

Scotland is producing quality Dorsets

Over the past few years, Scottish Dorset breeders have seen success sale after sale. May Fair has reinforced that not only are Scottish Dorset’s improving year on year, but the quality north of the border is also on par with other top flocks from across the U.K.

If you would like to see the show’s results and full details of the sale, please click here.

Stirling Sale

The 21st of July will be our Premier Sale. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest information.

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